Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fantasy Art Woman|Beautiful Women Goddess Art

"Art Deco Art Stencils and Pencil Drawings of Dragons"

Art deco
art stencils
I paste my heart on the Milky Way.
I will steady the ladder
hold it safely
for you
my pegasus
to see the view.

I take away smiles from all the dragons.
Pencil drawings
dragons made to know my conquering ways.
I am the master of my own shadow.

Fantasy art
warrior women
they meet me at the gate.
I laugh and leave them candy
lest they melt away.

Art deco
art stencils
how do I paste fantasy fairies
securely on the moon?
I melted my dragon
erased his confidence
right when I needed him most!

Back to the drawing table
I suppose
dragons can be drawn again
smiles reassured.
Drawing fire from his breath
fantasy art
warrior women conquer all.

I do not recent my dragon
I draw him freely
and yet
I make sure he understands my power.
I am a warrior
I hold my own pen
I draw when and whatever pleases me.

I take my pencil
draw a dragon, a fairy, a ghost of me.
I pick up all the stencils
art deco I have planned
I remind myself of my own worth.
I do not need to fit in an envelope
I would not travel well anyway.

I take my glass
fill it to the brim with dreams
toast the shadow of a dragons past
no matter the flames
or drama he screams out.
I am a warrior
a woman of fantasy
it rests very safely in my heart.

Ahh it all does please me so
my stencils on the moon.
I sit atop it now
reviewing all my former postings
still silent
yet smiling
as a ship sets sail
being led by a dragon
on the Milky Way.

21 March 2007
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"Silk ll" 40x30 oil on canvas
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


Fantasy Art Woman|Beautiful Women Goddess Art

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