Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scorpion Drawings-There's a Lot to Consider-Scorpions Can Have FIVE Sets of Eyes!

Scorpion Drawings-There's a Lot to Consider-Scorpions Can Have FIVE Sets of Eyes!

Below is a little poem I wrote about 'how to draw a scorpion'. When one draws anything at all one must consider all the facets of their subject, that includes scorpion drawings as much as it would sketching a face or a flower or anything at all. You need to become familiar with your subject in order to do a decent job. When I researched scorpions I was surprised to discover that they can have up to FIVE sets of extra eyes. Wow.

Scorpion drawings
a lot to consider
two thousand species
in waiting for their portraits?
Oof... I shiver!

I can see it now...
Scorpions standing in line
some with their tail reaching
those with no sketching

Drawings of scorpions
waiting to be done
but which scor-pi-on?
Those under rocks
those sneaky guys
under rocks
or in holes
hiding from the sun?

Their body
mostly in two parts
the head and the belly
a drawing begins
till it pleases me
or I'm silly.

Two eyes
properly placed
on their durable skin
yet oh and alas
that's not where their eyes end!
Along the sides
a word
to the 'not' so wise
a scorpion sees
with up to FIVE pair of eyes!

Four pair of walking arms
with hooks
that give us all
while walking
to meet their prey
with their venom
injecting barb.

Living from age 4 to 25
nocturnal creatures
love the dark
so from sunlight hide.

They crush their prey
or inject them
with neurotoxic venom
so please
be wise
when scorpion drawings
are calling you nigh.

No worries though
for humans?
Scorpions are relatively harmless.
A little numbness
might come
except I say
except for some...
Be mindful of those death-stalkers
no standing still
and no talkin'
be on your way!

One last thing
that you should know
Scorpions are also known to glow
Yes that's right
so draw some light
on your scorpion drawings
late at night.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
copyright 2009

My painting above is not a scorpion drawing obviously! It is called "The Secret" and is a 36x48 oil on canvas.