Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Sometimes I Feel Frozen - Bleeding Snow"

that is how I feel.
At times,
I am still haunted by our flaws,

Some people must take separate roads,
travel does not come easy,
despite what you thought,
I truly never blessed it.

Evenings get cold,
without breezes,
and oft times without breathing.

You remember that song I wrote?
The one about ice on the sidewalk,
bleeding snow,
that's just the way I saw you,
as bleeding snow.
Yet, you never claimed that kind of ice.

I write in the afternoons now,
no more pretending I don't,
no longer hiding scraps of paper,
on past due notes.

No one is perfect,
that will always,
always be true.

When I'm alone I send out apologies,
to passers by,
no matter they don't hear me.
I evoke social graces,
sentiments that may fall empty,
on a perfect stranger's deaf ears.
I owed you that much,
I am the first to say,
too little and way too late.

you never got it,
never heard,
never dreamed my dreams,
or wanted to.
Who would frame that kind of art?

Being cold,
takes a long time to recover from.
Frozen statues in the dark,
if I look out past windows,
I still can see you.

that is how I feel,
at times.
I am still haunted by our flaws,
Yet standing still,
has given me...
despite my un-mending.

I ask myself often,
what was I fleeing to?
If I stay very still,
not moving one single bit,
and feel the colors I now paint with?
I know.

30 July 2008
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
copyright 2008

The image is of my painting, "Sunset" 24x48 oil on canvas. It is from my "Passion Series"

I am represented by Monkdogz Urban Art in New York

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Aloha, Kathy