Thursday, August 2, 2007

Words That End With the Letter Q


Words that end with the letter Q?

There are no words that end with the letter Q

You.. silly QUasimoto!

I need them for Scrapple as well

but alas

checking under every cover

every avenue to discovery

my dictionary

my google friend

no, no, no!

A Q cannot be the end.

Q is not a lonely letter

It loves to cuddle with a U

it finds one every chance it gets

no regrets

and wakes up in the morning

still cozy

next to its loyal lover.

So no lamenting for this letter Q

YOU.. silly QUasimoto.

And by the way

speaking of Q's

a cue to you

what is a QUasimoto

today on the scene?

Not a hunchback character

It's urban talk you see

an alter ego

of a high pitched rapper

spaced out

on stoned beats

singing in the streets.

Ahh me

it is all as silly as it can be

the Q in QUasimoto

lending me reason

if not a rhyme in time

selected from my imagination.

Sitting at my station

waiting for my Q to bring

not a single thing

but a U

'cause its a wonderful thing

to sing

of all the virtues U does bring

to a Q

in this dream.

I now seem to know it quite well

by my expression here

becoming QUite clear

in this QUriky poem

that sings alone for Q.

I have never met a U

that I did not find intriguing.

Yet I confess

I have often grown weary of them.

U, Ewe, You

must the subject always be so one sided?

I find myself saying

QUit it U

enough of YOU!

...and by the way

what ever happened to your oft seen companion

that dear sweet letter Q?

Yes, try to remember Q.

Humm U?

Does Q tire of your self absorbed conversations?


Sadly for Q it is true U

You do not need Q!

I see you

roaming about without Q

all the time!

But just remember U

you DO indeed need Q

to say,

"You silly QUasimoto."

So back to my travail

the Q that must always have a tail.

It alas is understood

Q never stands alone.

No matter how you've grown

you will always find a home

with other friends

that help you or ewe or U

to end this silly QUasimoto story.

You Q

will always finds a special glory

in a QUasimoto story

who will always see the value

in a U

a U that must be humbled

because it needs you, Q!

Words that end with the letter Q?

NO.. they simply don't exist!

Well...maybe just a few.

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


Drawing of Scorpions and Printable Gifts- A Goddess Post and Mysterious Symptom

Drawings of scorpions
I found them on your desk.
I stood there for hours
wondering from where they called you.
I wondered where you found the strength
to not reach around and bite your own tail
taking the devils gifts to you.

The river seems to need you back
a mysterious symptom
does that surprise you?
I know it surprises me.
There are mysterious symptoms growing here
despite what you whisper
when I'm sleeping.

Music without lyrics
the skeleton dances
no matter the lack of ambiance.
I try to understand its rhythm.
I hoped that you would tell me
secrets un-bandaged
wounds ready to heal
excusing all your objections
precedent communications
left outside to recover on their own.
Left outside for the sun to burn
and blister its feathers.

This goddess post does not belong to me
not anymore.
I should have kept up my dancing.
I forgot to sever my inhibitions
they never seemed to be quite so vivid
until today.
Until today.

I stifled the light
no candles allowed to blink
no printable gifts line the closet
no drawings of scorpions
no broken tiles
nothing will replace this morning.

Beautiful women in competition
floating somewhere on my canvas.
I think I am going through withdrawal.
I will get over it in time.

informations ceases to exist
beyond this day that you excluded me.
Gifts and collectibles candles
wine country gift baskets
please don't bother
I am a madman's tailor.
I will return to my painting
paint this day
line up all the colors
I may have missed.
I will reflect
about your drawings of scorpions
all those moments alone
and me
with a pin drop on my head
thinking of you
and wondering about it all.

1 August 2007

Spirituality Information? Celtic Design Tattoos are Planted on my Shoulder

Spirituality information?
The rune tips my scale.
I had always counted on it tiles
placed in a cross
to unfold me
lead me to celtic dreams
celtic design tattoos on my shoulder.

I feel so sad I swear I'm breathing tears.
I write
I paint
I sculpt the skyline
pouring out my heart
and then delete them all.
I feel invisible
even to myself.
No graduation songs today.

I know I will feel better tomorrow
but for now?
I am amazed by this walk
the water touches my toes
and it is stinging.
I feel it and am surprised
the moon is breathing
awakened to reality.

I think I may have crowded out the angles
they got tired of my complaints.
Yet, where were they
when the blossoms did not open?
Maybe on a shelf somewhere.

I sit in solitude
with these notebooks of mine
filled to the brim with quotes
cues for self worth
climbing to the top and feeling safe
finding those achievements
binding up complaints
tossing them in the fire
watching them rise within the sparks
becoming ashes.
Ahh these notebooks
I tie them up
setting them aside.
No matter they are gone
I still remember their spirit.

It gets old you know?
Complaints to worthy kings.
They sit so honorably in their spaces
I watch them caressing their own breasts.
I see them through a peep hole in their closet
they cannot fool me.

Who cares really?
I guess I am the only one still listening.
I have a celtic design tattoo still singing
and resting on my shoulder.
I don't expect to be heard though
why would I?
I have no reason to expect it.
It is all just like a fish inside a glass jar.

I think I will go out walking none the less
decide, no make myself decide.
Spirituality information
I guess it is still breathing inside my head.
I am like a highlight on a leaf
I glisten still
spirituality information
graduation songs
those walks
are indeed healing avenues to take.
I have done it before
no reason to think I can't again.
Besides I have celtic design tattoos
that moved from my shoulder
and are now
pinned inside my chest.

2 August 2007