Saturday, July 19, 2008

Article Writing-Listing Top Seven is Heaven

Top 7 is heaven
that's what I've heard
ring out the bells
this tips not absurd.

Article writing
make a list of top seven
pick out a subject
and present it with leaven.

A plan is so useful
tools of the trade
follow a guideline
with your words to parade.

Writing articles
to create a good following
thoughts that contribute
to readers is hallowing.

Write those articles
come one and all
bring sales to your website
send out that call.

To write is sublime
no excuses to clatter
aim for the sky
and stop all that chatter.

Seven is heaven
that's what I've heard
now pay attention
to what I have learned.

Chris Knight is right
his knowledge accepted
Seven's the number
to not be neglected.

Keep up your standards
plenty of text
roll out those lines
and don't get rejected.

Line up those thoughts
introduction in mind
then list your seven
a conclusion to find.

Take your sweet time
do not whine
fingers to keyboard
forever sublime.

Write those top tips
Seven or ten
organized thoughts
will bring a good end.

Blog it, log it
set the stage
top tips of seven
will bring a new age.

Apply yourself
and you will see
your efforts will soar
its revolutionary

Discover new things
don't be a bore
writing new wisdom
will bring comments galore!

No slackin' you're askin'?
Why no that's silly
write your articles
and make them a dilly.

However you write
or despite all your plights
its writing, yes writing
that will give you delight.

So onward young man
despite your said age
no fooling around
as you write the next page.

Young ladies move forward
29 our said line
stay forever lovely
as you write in spare time.

Onward writing soldiers
write and submit
and remember that seven
will make you legit.

18 July 2008
Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
copyright 2008

The image is a little painting I did of a frog.. well DA huh? I do a lot of little watercolor sketches just for fun. I paint them then put them in a shoe box. I do the same with my poems... put them in a pile.. yet with my poems and articles I also post them on my blogs and Ezine Articles which is the top ezine to post on. I have one poem on Ezine Articles that has had over 25K reads. Obviously that is more than I could get on any one of my zillion blogs.

Happy day to you and if you are in New York be sure to stop by Monkdogz Urban Art who is showing my work in an International show called "Zepher".

Aloha, Kathy