Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Final Fantasy Real Emotion | Passages

"Spring Cleaning Yard and Flower Bed - A Poem About Spring Cleaning"

Fairies stand round
giggle with glee
tis a poem about spring cleaning.
I'll post in on my fridge.
I'll use a magnet of tin
now shiny after my buffing it.
A magnet of a daisy
green leaves, yellow center
and wonderful white petals.
He loves me
he loves me not.

Flower fairies
garden ornaments
spring break
set in place.
Spring cleaning
yard and flower bed
everything ready for summer.
Fairies come out to feel the freshness
smiles are everywhere.

Simple and clean
it did not take as long as I thought
and oh!
I am rewarded by the calmness it brings.
I feel freer somehow
just knowing things are in their place
closer to what ornaments looked like
when first bought.

Leaves of fall taken away
the ones that were left over
green is invited to sing here once again.

My garden is ready for new plantings
zucchini, lettuce and string beans
fresh corn from its husk
my garden is clean for my labor
HUGE smile.
A flower fairy
and garden ornaments
of well cared for sentiments.

Spring cleaning
yard and flower bed
tis such a lovely delicate site.
Fantasy fairies sing
honeybees are ready to do their job
as i just finished mine.

Tis fitting
a poem about spring cleaning
when the day knows dusk
all the flowers will sing a song
in the morning
and I will feel the freshness
not felt as brightly yesterday.

Sing my little fantasy fairies
bring granny cookies
ice tea and your sun bonnet
tis spring alas today
I write you a letter
with a poem about spring cleaning.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
17 April 2007

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PS the painting at the top is from my Victorian Series and is titled,

"Forget Me Not"


Monday, April 16, 2007

Whimsical Musicians Artwork ahh tis me! Click HERE

Ohh My Whimsical Musicians Artwork Does Map Faery Tale Adventures

This excuse for passion
map a faery tale adventure
go ahead
make those ribbons sway.
Whimsical musicians artwork
Did you give thanks?
Did you think you were magic?
Whimsical sitting bride and groom
songs in the morning...
I guess I thought you were once too.

Will you run to the store for me?
whimsical musician
pick up those things I love?
Will you run?
Map a faery tale adventure?

Remind me to give you a gift in return
or at least a trace of one
this bride
this groom.
My generosity is shortcoming
fine art whimsical angel commissions
though justified in its seclusion
I think we will agree.

The breezes I find here
comforting I guess.
I thought i'd find a gift somewhere
my bride
my groom
but no.

The breezes I find here
yet only

Blood drips down from the entry
no matter the cost.
You have survived
tell me so I can sleep tonight.

There is mold on your charms
I mark the path
it is a ruthless war.

There was a stranger
I hear he was sleeping
I am bleeding
in the hallway
but I am none the less wiser.

Who will tell the story when blood is gone?

I'll test your hands for bleeding
yours or mine
no going back.

You would think that someone would say something
wouldn't you?
make a map of a faery tale adventure?
But no
no big talk here.
I will accept to sorry answers
no folded flowers
no matter the color.

I hope to see you again
or maybe me
in this comfort zone
gentle zone I formed with sand.

I've narrowed it down at least
made lists
still incomplete
yet I live here.
People move
pardon the mess
I am on my way
I will be whole no matter what i think right now.

Ahh the blood stain
that you left behind
you were looking for another victim
and something sacred to hide
I bend to those conclusions
yet still
all the while
I paste bandages over my mouth.

my martyr
do we need an ambulance?

I am still thinking of your voice
or someone's
whimsical musicians artwork
yet I do not hear those good intentions
no matter how hard I listen.
They have been left by the wayside
that I am now.

This voice
it says to run.
All I can say is...
You seem to see my reflection
every where I go
I do go.

This voice has rivers
they flow over
but freezes in the winter.

Where is winter?

My best friend
time out
my best friend.

I am embedded in the moon
I did not admit to it before
and yet I am.

The cloud that succumbs me
hides me in the shadows.
Its not about me or you
no bell to chime.
Don't count on me
whimsical musicians artwork
or stupid rhymes in poems.
No one that I know can feel their breathing.

Such a bad predicament
I continue to repair it.
No dollies here though
no hair to comb
no smudges patched
real love tells you to fly

Final Fantasy Real Emotion | Passages

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

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"Country Song Lyrics-Photo Puzzles and A Wing In the Fire of Moods"

I came across a woman
she shared no emotions that felt kind
not with me.
Country song lyrics came to mind.
No smiles
no eyes that said today could be special.
No energy
except for her own sullenness
her own self indulgence.

I became someone in parenthesis.
No matter my life may have in fact known darker days
she would never know.
I don't suppose it really matters.
It is not as if she and I would ever be friends.

Yet the day would have
could have
had a softer presence.

It take so little really
just a little smile
a simple recognition.
It takes so little to rise to the occasion
see life outside of ones own breath.
Photo puzzles deciphered
country lyrics understood
just one wing in the fire.

I have thought of her
on an off
since that day I saw her sitting
slumped over
measuring my worth?
I am not sure of that.
I would not want to be unfair.

There was a breeze that day
I heard it gently in my ear.
It touched me through my hair.
I was reminded of different days
hard days
difficult days
a wing
just one left behind
and in the fire
more than a country lyric
more than a bad song.
Sad days
photo puzzles
never finding their place on the shelf.
Days I did not want to be in.

I then thought about that woman
decided to give her the benefit of the doubt
reasons to be sullen.
Paths I could not be savvy to.
One never knows.

and yet
I want to feel the rain
the breeze
share smiles
no matter what.
Hope beyond
a wing that burns
have a glint in my eye
to share
even if no one looks up.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
15 April 2007

Check out the link http://kathysart.com/Whimsical_Angels_The_Mask.html ,it is from one of the pages of my website called,

Whimsical Angels | The Mask

It is the about the journey of an artist finding her way.

The image above is Whimsical Angels | The Mask
48x36 oil, gold leaf on canvas

The original painting will be shown at my up and coming show:


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