Saturday, April 14, 2007

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"Make It Rain-Grim Reaper Artwork and a Fairies Illustrations"

I hear the ground
those before me
I am humbled.
I hear their voices
they speak of lost days
grim reaper artwork
so why
do I...
lose them?

I want to feel passion
I want ti make it rain
yet I am almost sick of the word.
it is not enough
words not met by deeds.
Pictures cut out from magazines
pasted on the floor
I want to walk in their gardens.

I stroke my own hair
hear me breathing
I am not sure it is really me
and yet
I am a fantasy fairy in a snow filled jar.
A bench sits in the middle of the ocean
my brush is filled with aqua.
I remove tight fitting muzzles
lest bright colors fly away.
I always seem to miss the signs
and yet
I will try to spy them now
lest I die.
One cannot control adventures
nor define them
a fairies illustrations
but I will try none the less.

I count the days
grim reaper
but I am not sure why
maybe because
I count my paintings.

I hear the breaths of tombs.
They did not know their shadow
before their passing.
And ohhh...
I hear their complaints
making rain
I guess I am one.
I sing in harmony.
How many failures can one accept
and still be noticed?

Let me climb from this jar
let me taste the stamen of a flower
touch my tongue on a tiny miracle
stave off honey bees
stand firm
this story is meant for me.

Pleasantries are gone in winter
it feels too cold for smiles.
I will seclude myself
till the snow is past
and no longer floating free
in unopened jars full of water
filled to the brim with wishes
for fantasy fairies like me.

I am a tear
yet I have added a second blanket
and should be fine.

I stop
I hear...
grim reaper illustrations
calling out for drops of water.
And ever so timely
bringing umbrellas to cover
voices from the ground.

14 April 2007
by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

The little painting above is a 4 1/2 x 11 watercolor. I mostly paint in oils because I feel it demands the most respect but like most artists all mediums are fair game. When I painted this little painting I was really into it and painted some 50 little paintings of women, children, flowers and yes a few men.

I do paint men on occasion. Smile.

Hey... what would we women do without glorious men?!! HUGE smile.

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
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